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So the question is ? ” Is Payoneer Safe ” , my answer is yes , Payoneer is 100% safe. First of all payoneer is not a new company it has been founded in 2005, so for almost 10 years this company is providing free MasterCard to masses. Next thing is most of big freelancing companies like Fiverr , 99Designs , odesk etc use payoneer to pay freelancers & thousands of freelancers from these big main stream websites get paid via payoneer, so this proves payoneer is not a scam


You can not only use payoneer to get paid, you can also use it to shop online, i personally used payoneer MasterCard to buy Hosting & Domain for this blog 🙂 i.e urtuts.com , i also used payoneer card several times to shop on AliExpress without facing any problems.

Security :

Payoneer uses top notch technology to keep it’s users money & personal information safe, don’t get worried about this. You are in safe hands.

What Happens If I Lost My Card :

Nothing to worry about, they will simply send you a replacement MasterCard & will transfer all of your funds to new card.

Payoneer Is Prepaid :

Unlike Debit cards payoneer is prepaid it means you first need to load money in order to start using card for online shopping etc, so this can help you in managing how much funds you want to spend 🙂

Sometimes Payoneer Is The Only Option :

This is the reason most of companies use payoneer, as sometimes other options like PayPal don’t work in some countries, like PayPal doesn’t work in Pakistan, Where as Pakistan is among top 3 freelancing countries in the world, Payoneer works in most of the countries i.e more than 200 countries.

How To With Draw Money From Payoneer :

You can easily withdraw money from payoneer MasterCard from any local ATM, which supports MasterCard.

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