How Does Fiverr Works


Fiverr is a marketplace where to meet those who need something and who offer their services to meet those needs. And everything starts at $ 5 (hence the name Fiverr, which is derived from the name given to the $ 5 ticket to the US)
There is everything and anything: design, video, online marketing, writing, translation, development, consulting, but also more exotic things such as people wishing you happy birthday song, send a postcard from your part of a place where they are or mimic Gandalf video before you send …

While initially the site was founded to list only the “odd jobs”, the last redesign now allows up to $ 500 per job and thus to make a real source of income for its most active users.

Signing up:

The initial step is to open an account, it only takes a name, an email address, a password and you’re done.
The second is to decide what you want to do, buy or sell?
If you just browse through the site intends to buy the gigs, in English only, and choose which ones you want based on the search or, more commonly, through the various categories:

– Graphics & Design
– Digital Marketing
– Writing & Translations
– Video & Animation
– Music & Audio
– Programming & Tech
– advertising
– Business

If you choose to sell you need to know what you propose; it would be appropriate to offer services that we can provide.

For buyers:

Its simple you just have to visit fiverr search the homepage or use the search bar of Fiverr to find any gig, There are many categories and subcategories. Then if you have found the gig or service you want to purchase then you should check the seller’s rating, reviews and read the gig’s description.Then proceed to checkout you can pay with PayPal, credit cards and many more options! So how can Fiverr help you save money? On the site, you can find everything and anything. If anything can not be of interest to you, there is a safe bet that the rest of cons can tickle your brain.Imagine you could get for $ 5 the following:

-An SEO service
-A whiteboard animation video
-An ebook cover
-A promotional video
-A video testimonial on the product of your choice
-A translation of XX words in any language
-A logo
-A video introduction
-Review your mobile
-100 links to your site qualities
-An infographic.
-2D& 3D cover for your eBook
-A coaching session
Etc., etc…
Isn’t it crazy? Like on many platforms, the services mentioned above are expensive, how much it costs to do all these things in “real”? $50, $100, for some of these tasks? On Fiverr, everything costs $ 5.
Sure, But for small needs of every day, nothing beats Fiverr.com Because it costs much higher to hire a freelancer on odesk or Elance. I use it regularly in addition to sites like oDesk or Elance (to hire Freelancers).

For sellers:-

Another interesting aspect with the same account as your buyer account you can become your vendor “Gigs” (the name given to services sold on the site). You too can, therefore, sell what you want for $ 5 ($ 4 reality if we remove the site fee).
In the early days you will be forced to work at lower prices than those of competitors, and possibly to offer faster delivery times. You’ll be the last to arrive, and since your Gig will not be the most popular, must be at least cost. Fiverr gives designers work, web writers, programmers, marketers, translators and all kinds of web professional, but above all represents an ‘important opportunity for beginners or anyone who wants to start a freelance career.

All it takes to start selling services/gigs on Fiverr to have an account and a method. So do not waste time when you have finished reading this article run to subscribe to the site. Create a profile, take a look around to see how it works and starts to get busy.
Once you have your first customers and the first positive reviews, however, be sure to return to give the right value to your time.You can sell anything. Provided that this is something for which there is demand, and you’re able to keep your promises: good advertising increases sales, the bad reviews could put an end to your career on Fiverr.

$ 5 is not much you can tell me. Indeed. But $ 5 is just the teaser price. Fiverr now adds extras to your gigs for the final climb to a max of $ 500.

Before we get there, we’ll have to prove yourself by delivering a few gigs for $ 5 and receive perfect ratings (excellent quality approach is on the site), but once past 2 or 3 levels, the average value of your Gigs could become much more attractive.

So what’s the point of going Gigs sell for $ 5? The secret is to sell things that cost you little or nothing. Services in which you are an expert. Here are some examples:

Intro Video: rather than making a new video intro for each client on Fiverr, most Top Rated Sellers Site are only dipped into a base of 20 or 50 video intros they have produced in the past. As a buyer, you choose one of these intros; you send your logo + text, and the seller sends you the modified version. Working hours for the dealer? A few minutes time to change a logo and a line of text + export the video again.
Cover eBook: ditto! Reuse includes created for clients in the past and only edit a photo, text, etc …
Translation: all Gig starts at $ 5. But $ 5 for 250 words for example. If asked to translate 1,000 words, so are 4 Gig you sell: $ 20.
SEO Analysis: everyone knows that it is possible to obtain a complete analysis of a site in 2 minutes with free services on the Internet. Many people are willing to pay to receive a “pro” of SEO. $ 5 for delivering a free report, not bad right?
Video testimony: the buyer sends you a text, you turn on your camera, you recite it in 30 seconds (if you’re good!), You export video and voila.

Positive factors of Fiverr

– A simple website, direct and intuitive, easy to navigate and use
– A concept easy and clear to understand
– An active community with a support forum
– Earn doing what you want
– Ability to save hundreds of dollars for the same work entrusted to professionals through other channels

Negative factors of Fiverr

– A commission of 20% on every gig sold, a very high percentage compared to other similar services but partially justified by the potential offered by the growing number of buyers users
– Payment to 14 days
– The difficulty of being visible on Fiverr, especially if the service offered is located in a very popular category; the algorithm that allows you to get on the front page seems to depend on a combination of the seller and its ability to show up, collect orders and positive reviews.
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