Killer Tips To Increase Sales On Fiverr

1 : Effectively Setup Gig On Fiverr :

Most important thing to be considered is how effectively you had setup-ed gig on Fiverr, i mean how complete is your gig, In mean my experience the more full/complete the Gig is more sales i have, Just make sure that you have added complete description, In description try to explain every thing you will do for 5$ try to be more professional always try to describe your work experience, and don’t afraid to say that you are willing to provide free demo’s.

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2 : Give Free Demo’s :

This is my secret due to which i am getting tons of sales, this is actually my secret to beat my competition, when you are setting up Gig try to add or provide something for free ! like for my Graphic designing gig i have written on my gig description for free demo image please message me, so most of people message me & ask for free demo, i give them free demo and 80% of them order my gig and give me green signal to work on full project.

3 : Rank Your Gigs High :

So most of people, search in Fiverr what they want & the Gigs that come up first are most likely to be ordered. So in order to rank your gig you most consider following things.

>Always add gig video

>Always try to add Cover Photo
>Try To Provide 1 Day Express Gig Deliver ” This also helps in ranking also ”

> Ratings ” Gigs With 5 star Rating Ranks High ”

> Provide Proper Title & Tags

> Level ” Higher The Level Better Chances Of Ranking ”

4 : Ratings :

Rating is every thing, if you have poor rating no one will order your Gig that’s for sure, so always fulfill expectations of buyers on fiverr, and they will surely give you 5 star rating, more the positive reviews you have more chances of getting sales.

5 : Levels :

Levels proves what you are made of, what is your worth on fiverr, Higher the level higher the chance of getting sales on Fiverr, as buyer prefers seller with higher ratings , so fight for ratings and when you will reach Level 2, you will see buyer ruining behind you for work.

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6 : Returning Customers :

Yeap on long run this will add up lot of dollars in your account, always try to make returning customers, provide top quality service, and always ask them to remember you for next project
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