How To Effectively Set up Gig On Fiverr

Creating account on Fiver is not a big deal. Any one can do it, creating account on Fiverr doesn’t guaranty that you will make money from Fiverr. So the first thing that you must know before creating gig is to have idea in your mind for what kind of services you will sell on Fiverr.
So now lets get started with creating Gig on Fiverr, i will be setting up gig on designing Logo.

How To Effectively Setup Gig On Fiverr :

Step 1) First of all log in into your account then proceed to >> Profile >> My Sales >> Create a Gig.

Step 2) Giving appealing and creative Gig Title. Title must convey good amount of information about your gig in short amount of words.
Step 3) Give correct categories according to your Gig. For this, example Gig, category is GRAPHICS & DESIGNING >> Logo Design.
Step 4) Description, this the place where you will describe your Gig, but for more effective results, i like to break Gig description into three parts. In first part i will describe my self, for example for LOGO DESIGN gig i will describe my work experience, i will give idea to buyer about my taste in designing, and i will try to share my work experience for example , i worked with best graphic designing company in Pakistan for 4 years etc. In second part i will describe the Gig, what exactly buyer will get for 5$, and i will also try to describe gig extras. In third part i will try to convince buyer to buy my gig, i will try to give money back warranty or i will make changes until buyer is satisfied etc etc.

Step 5) Select Type Of Logo you Design.
Step 6) Tags, there is nothing magical here , just try to give tags related to you gig for example for LOGO DESIGN gig, i will give tags like,Logo design, graphic designing, design logo etc.

Step 7) Now click on save changes you have successfully, created Gig on Fiverr, so now if you want to publish your gig , you can press Publish Gig.
Step 8) Share your Gig on Social networks like Facebook, Twitter & let the world know that you sell on Fiverr.

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