Fiverr Gig Ideas That Make Money

Fiverr Gig ideas
Fiverr Gig ideas

As Fiverr is getting popular day by day, more and more people are buying gigs from Fiverr, So if you are newbie to freelancing or you have been freelancing for some time, you should check out Fiverr, as this site getting lot of attention from buyer due to low starting prize to be exact 5$.Another thing that attracts potential buyers on Fiverr is large variety of Gigs on Fiverr, You can hire some one to write CV for you, or you can hire someone from India to take picture of Tajmahal for you. But still sometimes it gets difficult to get right gig in-front of literally millions of buyers. That’s the reason we have written this post to help you guys get the

Best Fiverr Gig Ideas That Make Money.

But before we getting started there are somethings that i want to mention like

Fiverr Is Not Only 5$ Anymore

Even though it’s name say so, but Fiverr is not 5$ any more, now it offers Gig Extra’s For Example if you Are Level 2 Seller On Fiverr, You can have 3 Gig extras from (5$, 10$ ,20$ or 40$) and you have Gig multiples upto 8, so this means you earn Good amount of money from single sale.

Before Getting Started

Be genuine, do what you now, don’t try to fool or scam others, this will only harm you, for example if you are offering 500 real Facebook fan page likes and you don’t know how to do that, you will get order cancellation or worst bad rating and review which will eventually result in failure on Fiverr. Try to be as much as honest as possible, if you are from Afghanistan don’t pose that you are from America, As buyers want’s good quality work no a good quality citizen ship, doing this might get your account banned.

Fiverr Gig Ideas That Make Money

Presentations Gig Ideas For Fiverr

So lets start with Presentations, they are many buyers out there who want’s to get help in their presentations. So if you have the skills you can help others, as well as earn good bucks.

Write Presentations
Design Presentations
Design Presentations In Power Point
Design Presentations In Prezi
Convert Presentations From Power Point To Prezi
Convert Presentations From Prezi To Power Point
Proof Read Presentations
Convert Power Point Presentations Into Videos
Convert Prezi Presentations Into Videos
Designing Gig Ideas For Fiverr
If you are good in designing then you should have at-least 1 gig on Fiverr as there a lot of potential buyers on Fiverr who are looking for

Designing jobs from designing Logo to removing backgrounds from pictures.

Logo Gig Ideas For Fiverr

Design Logo
Enhance Logo
Edit Logo
Change Color Of Logo
Convert 2d Logo To 3D
Mock-up Logo’s
Add Logo’s On T shirt, Cup, Mug etc

Business Card Gig Ideas For Fiverr

Design Business Card
Enhance, Edit Business Card

covers Gig Ideas For Fiverr

Design Book Cover
Enhance or Edit Existing Book Covers
Create Book Cover Mock Ups
Convert 2d Book Covers To 3D
Design DVD Cover
Enhance or Edit Existing DVD Covers
Create DVD Cover Mock Ups
Convert 2d DVD Covers To 3D
Design Album Art/Cover
Design Packaging For Cosmetics etc

Mock Ups Gig Ideas For Fiverr

Mock Up Webpage or Product On Laptop
Mock Up Webpage or Product On iPhone
Mock Up Webpage or Product On iPad
Mock Up Webpage or Product On iMac
Mock Up Webpage or Product On Billboards
Mock Up Designs

Photo Editing Gig Ideas For Fiverr

Remove Background From Pictures
Do Photo Manipulation
Do Photo Retouching
Remove Wrinkles From Photos
Re-size Images
Add Effects Into Photos
Convert Photos To Digital Work Of Art
Fix Damaged Images
Covert Photo To Cartoon
Convert Photo To Digital Sketch

Banners/Covers Gig Ideas For Fiverr

Design Facebook Covers
Design Twitter Covers
Design YouTube Covers
Design YouTube Thumbnails
Design Headers and Banners For Websites
Design Ads Boxes
Design Flyers and Brochures

Design UI Gig Ideas For Fiverr

Design iPhone App’s Splash Screen
Design Android Apps’s Splash Screen
Design UI For iPhone App
Design UI For Android App
Design Websites i.e WordPress, HTML, CSS ,Joomla etc
Design Email Templates


Design Infographics
Design Manuals
Design & Format Ebooks
Design CV
Design T shirts
Design Corporate Identity
Design Icons
Design Birthday Card
Design 3D Model Of Anything
Design Badges

Video Gig Ideas For Fiverr

If you know how to make videos or if you don’t you can still earn good amount of money from Fiverr, You can earn even by making simple testimonials or high quality commercials, possibilities are endless here some people are earning by making video tutorials for some specific piece of software while some are earning by reviewing android or IOS apps.You can even earn by editing videos for others or even f ou are good in animations you earn by making animated videos

Make Video Testimonials
Make Product Review Videos
Make Video Tutorials
Shoot Commercials
Make Music Video
Make Fake Prank Videos
Make Green Screen Videos
Make Explainer Videos
Make Puppet Videos
Make Animated Videos
Make Animated Sales Video
Make Intros For YouTube Channels
Make Whiteboard Animations
Edit Video For Others
Make Stop Motion Videos
Convert Videos From One Format To Other

Music Gig Ideas For Fiverr

Are you a seasonal musician or just Hobby guitarist you can earn good Bucks from Fiverr via music gigs some people want background music for their new games other want’s rap on their on there birthday possibilities are endless here.

Sing A Song
Create A Jingle
Sing Birthday Wishes
Compose Music
Arrange Band To Record Music
Compose Beats
Compose A Hip Hop Beat
Rap On Beat
Compose Background Music For Game
Compose Song
Give Music To Song
Sing Commercial
Add Sound Effects
Record Voice Mails
Play Text On Guitar
Sing Energetic Jingles

Web Development Gig Ideas For Fiverr

You earn from Fiverr via Web Development you can simply change the size of sidebar or you can produce a complete website, there are many buyers who are looking for quick fixes, seo and complete overhauling of their Webpages.

Edit / Make Changes To Web Page
Develop A Complete Website
Create WordPress Themes
Remove Errors From WordPress Theme
Install WordPress
Trouble Shoot WordPress Plugins
Provide Security To WordPress
Convert PSD To HTML
Convert PSD To WordPress Theme
Customize WordPress Theme
Make Genesis Child Themes
SEO Optimize Webpages
Develop Databases
Create Online Stores
Migrate Site From One Server To Another
Provide Hosting

Writing Gig Ideas For Fiverr

You can easily earn by writing for others on Fiverr you earn by simply proofreading CV’s or translating Chinese to English, there are all sorts of buyer on Fiverr looking for writing related services

Write Article ” Write on any topic on which you have command i.e Tech,Health,Legal etc”
Write Blog post
Write Stories
Write Songs
Write Commercials
Write About Us Page For Websites
Write CV’s
Write Press Releases
Write Legal Documents
Write Essay
Write SEO Optimized Content
Write Description For Products
Write Guest Posts On Other Blogs
Write Reviews
Proof Read Documents “i.e CV’s , Legal Documents etc”
Remove Sleeping Grammar Mistakes
Provide Copywriting Services
Write Speeches
Write Tagline or Slogan
Suggest Website/Brand Names
Provide Transcripts For Audio/Video
Provide Translations “i.e from English to Chinese etc”
Write Scripts
Write Drama’s, Films
Write Dialogues
Write Adverts

Other Gig Ideas For Fiverr

For this you have to be creative, there are many people who came on Fiverr just to find creative & interesting stuff. I simply can’t help you in this but i will try to give you some ideas.

Let My Parrot To Speak You Name
Make Interesting Portrait Of You
Conduct Interview Of You On Skype
Act As Your Girlfriend On Facebook
Send You Keychain From India
Take Picture Of Holding Your Logo infornt Of White House

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